Introduction to definitivegear

Let’s get some things out of the way…

Take a seat, stay a while and listen.

My name is Kevin. I’m ‘that’ guy. You know, the one in every group or circle whom everyone always goes to about anything technology related. Over the years I’ve developed a reputation of having the latest and greatest. It’s my passion, experiencing the advancements that new products bring into everyday life and sharing them with everyone around me. I have a really big habit of cycling through products very quickly, moving on to the next big thing that comes along.

I’ve come to realize that growing up with so little has fuelled a need to fulfill certain curiosities as I get older and am able to manage my purchases. By still being fairly limited on what I am able to afford, there has to be an educated thought process in my decisions. This has led to an obsessive approach to extensive research as time progresses and new products are released. To make it simple – each decision is made not by impulse, but by knowing the market and the product inside out.

This put me in an interesting position where friends, family, and colleagues have started to ask my opinion on certain products and more importantly trust the answer that is given to them. With so much being available in this world, it’s really hard to know what’s out there and what will enrich and benefit your life.

Now that I’ve been put in an interesting position in my life, I feel that this is the perfect time to venture out into a dream that I’ve simply left in that state of mind. There’s no more time to waste. I’ve learned that there are no short cuts in life; things don’t just happen because you want them to, or because you’re a good person. You have to show the world you deserve it. So I created Definitive Gear, this tech site. I’m not the best writer, and my skills will definitely improve over time. There’s no piece of paper on my wall, but there is knowledge. Many years of research, training and experience has led to the creation of this site and will power the content it brings in the future.

This isn’t the standard, average tech review site. There are no templates, no standardized structures. These products were purchased by me, with my money. They were purchased because I engaged in researching why they were beneficial to my life and I discovered a purpose for owning them. Now I’m sharing that purpose with you. These articles give more of a personal, non-corporate feel to the products. Since it’s opinionated, some people may disagree with it and that’s alright. I look forward to hearing what you think and seeing a different view. I’m always up for a good conversation (but never a flame war). There are a few different categories already where content fits into, and I would love to expand Definitive into many different categories over time, maybe even expand to a podcast.

I look forward to all the new things coming in 2014, so keep your eyes on Definitive Gear to find out what the must have products are.

(Originally published February 16, 2014)

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