MLG Tournament: Titanfall


Microsoft held an event in the Grand Hyatt all weekend for Comic-Con 2014. It’s where I spent most of my time, and where the Kinect Sports Rivals tournament was located.

MLG was a special guest in the Xbox Lounge, where they held multiple tournaments all throughout the weekend. They had a desk set up and broadcasted the entire event live with multiple sportscasters and pros. Designed as a stage of 12 stations, it was used for walk-up tournaments in Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and Titanfall. Players battled it out across 4 days of fun while also competing for prizes. I had found out about the Titanfall tournaments prior to leaving for Comic-Con and had budgeted time in the itinerary to participate. Since they were walk-up tournaments, anyone could join in.

I started playing on Friday. The game was set up so that 2 teams of 6 were created from the line and competed against each other. The person who scored the highest amount of attrition points earned a shirt and a placement on the leaderboard. The top 12 players for the day met up at the end of the night to compete for $50 in Xbox cards. The losing team still earned $20. During Friday’s tournament, I ended up scoring high enough to just get into the finals match. It was a good game, but our team eventually came out in 2nd place. We received the $20 and continued on.

Saturday was the Kinect Sports Rivals World Championship. Since I had been eliminated mid-way through, I decided to enter Saturday’s Titanfall tournament. Friends list access was down at the time, so the private match 6v6 system from the previous day would not be able to be done. The new method that was arranged placed entrants in their own game against others online over Xbox Live. I figured that this would be an easy way to get into the leaderboards as I generally do well in public games.

I played a few rounds and scored between 70-85, but it was not enough to get into the finals. I knew I could do better, so I went back in the line for one final attempt. I ended up being in one of the last games for the evening, and scored a monstrous 170 attrition points. Most of the attention was on a Pro that was playing, so I quickly located someone to verify my score before the next game started. He was completely shocked and rushed over to tell the rest of the group.


Another contest was being held for the best 5 scores over the entire weekend. 5th place earned a Turtle Beach headset, 2-4th place received the headset plus a Titanfall controller, and the grand prize was a Titanfall Collectors Edition. The next score down was 135, so I had completely dominated the tournament in the last game. The winners were announced right after a short break, and a small segment was done to talk about the score I had achieved. I was curious as to how I would get the Collectors Edition back to Canada on the plane, but they told me that it gets mailed out.


Although I was not able to achieve 1st place for the Kinect Sports Rivals championship, being crowned the San Diego Comic-Con MLG Titanfall champion is just as good to me.

(Originally published July 29, 2014)

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