Toronto Auto Show 2014

2014 – Toronto, ON

This is my second year visiting the show. The convention center was flooded with people today viewing all the latest and greatest from the worlds largest auto manufacturers. Many new models, prototypes, and concepts filled the floors for the public to see. My favourite booth this year was BMW. Their current lineup is by far the most diverse and appealing out of all the other manufacturers. My favourite car – as always was the Aston Martin Vanquish. The BMW M3 was a close second.

Other exotica brands such as Aston Martin, Maserati, McLaren and more were on display as well. One of the biggest surprises this year was a brand new sports car concept from Nissan, possibly replacing the Maxima.

The technology trends this year seem to follow more safety related features such as cross traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise/breaking. One new trend I noticed was more manufacturers are putting in static dash screens above the center console. It was very apparent in the 2 & 4 series BMW’s, some of the Mercedes and Audi’s had it as well.

Seeing all the new models also made me appreciate my car a little more. Even though it’s a 2013 model, Ford did a great job on it in making sure all the latest technologies were there as well as other little extras even higher end cars still haven’t adopted yet.

Check out the gallery below for my experience at the 2014 Canadian Auto Show.

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(Originally published February 16, 2014)

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