Channel Commands

Welcome to the Definitive Gear Twitch channel information page! Here you will find channel commands, details about our Bank Hack mini-game, and basic rules.

Standard bot commands –

!balance – Check your credit balance! 5 credits are earned every 10 minutes while the stream is live.
!rank – Check your highest rank on the stream! See below on how to earn better channel ranks.
!ranklist – View a list of all the ranks you have earned.
!time – Check your time spent in our community! Elite Ranks are earned by accumulating time on the channel.
!uptime – See how long the current session has been online for.
!top – Ranks the top 10 viewers by credits.
!toptime – Ranks the top 10 viewers by time.
!share – (Bronze Elite rank and above) Share credits to other viewers. Type !share (exact viewer name) (amount of credits) to share. Credits are tough to earn so do not give them away freely! Those who are caught abusing the system will have their points removed.
!check – Shows another viewer’s balance. Format is !check (viewer)
!checkrank – Shows another viewer’s rank. Format is !checkrank (viewer)
!profile – Whispers your full channel profile, including credit balance, time on the channel, and earned ranks.

Custom bot channel commands –

!loyalty – Details about our meta-game with the credits point system!
!discord – Link to our Discord server. 250 bonus credits to join!
!spotify – Link to follow our channel Spotify playlist. Gain access to all of the music we play during streams for free!
!gamertag / !gt – Gamertag information for Xbox, Nintendo, and
!bank – Information about the bankhack gambling mini-game.
!ranks – Information on how to obtain ranks on the channel.
!elite – Details about our Elite Ranking system.
!armory – Link to the profile page for my Diablo 3 builds.
!chair – My DX Racer chair model and page link.
!downtime – Gag command about how the channel is live every day!
!command – Link to this page.
!tip – Links to our Twitch Alerts tips page.
!hype – Get hyped!
!join – Provides our Mario Kart 8 tournament code.
!steam – Provides steam account information.
!twitter – Provides a link to tweet the stream! Earn 50 credits once per day and show your support for free.
!jackbox – Information on how to join in during our Jackbox Party pack games.
!speedrun – Personal best times for our Super Mario 64 105-Star & Goldeneye 007 Secret Agent run.
!feedback – Submit feedback anonymously to help improve the channel!
!songs – Links to the full Guitar Hero Live song list during viewer request sessions.
!ghsponsor – Details on how to sponsor a Guitar Hero Live night!
!party & !tag – Displays party link and tag for sessions.

Custom VIEWER command master list (earned by obtaining the Silver Elite rank) –



Ranking system –

Earn a channel ranking with credits, or time! The Elite ranks are a new feature on the stream that are earned by being in the stream while we are live. Ranks last for 30 days, so no need to renew on a certain date! Simply check your balance and request a ranking while we are live. Elite ranks never expire and will be awarded automatically when the specific time requirement is met.

Bronze – 500 / Bonus 1.2x credit multiplier
Silver – 1500 / Bonus 1.4x credit multiplier
Gold – 2500 / Bonus 1.6x credit multiplier
Diamond – 5000 / Bonus 2x credit multiplier
Platinum – Awarded to those who have supported the stream in other ways. / Bonus 5x credit multiplier

Bronze Elite – 3 days / Bonus 3x credit multiplier
Silver Elite – 7 days / Bonus 7x credit multiplier
Gold Elite – 11 days / Bonus 11x credit multiplier
Diamond Elite – 15 days / Bonus 15x credit multiplier
Platinum Elite – Awarded to those who have shown incredible support to the stream. / Bonus 25x credit multiplier
High Roller – Automatically awarded to those with 1 million credits or higher. This rank is lost if you go back under 1 million!
Boss – Only mods are able to obtain this rank.
Veteran – Awarded to those who have been a part of our community for a long time, and continue to visit the channel on a regular basis.

Rank Rewards –

Bronze Elite – Gain the ability to share credits (100 credit fee each share).
Gold Elite – Earn a custom command (50,000 credit purchase fee).
Diamond Elite – Earn a custom rank (250,000 credit purchase fee). You may invite other viewers into your rank for an entry fee. Make a cool rank and start earning profit! Viewers must be Bronze Elite or higher to pay the entry fee.


Bank Hack –

The bank hack mini-game is enabled during all sessions. Every 15 minutes, the opportunity to hack the bot will arise. Join in on the hack by typing in !bankhack followed by an amount of credits (ex. !bankhack 50). Keep in mind you must have the amount of credits available to be able to gamble that amount.

A mid-hack warning will be displayed after 1 minute showing the current participants. Once another minute has passed, the game will end. There is a flat 40% chance of winning no matter the amount of participants. If the hack is successful, all participants will be rewarded with 2.5x their bet. If it fails, better luck next round!


Channel Rules –

– Respect the mods. They are there for a reason!
– No heavy language. We try to be as family friendly as possible so that everyone can enjoy the show! Light curse words are acceptable in moderation. No hate speech of ANY kind will be tolerated.
– Don’t spam the commands, emotes, or text of any kind.
– No self-promotion or promotion of any other kind without permission. We have a special ‘shout-out’ command that is used to promote friends within our community.

We are a very relaxed, friendly channel. These rules are fairly common among most Twitch channels so there should be no problems! Bans are very rare, so don’t give us a reason to bring the hammer out.